Stump Grinding in Wayne, Pa
Stump Munchers has been grinding stumps in Wayne since 1982.  Delaware County as well as the Mainline are areas very familiar to Daniel Murphy,  owner and operator of Stump Munchers.  Daniel grew up in the Villanova area, attended Radnor township School District in his earlier years and then moved to Wayne in 1986; after graduating from college.  He quickly fell in love with this great area and has since resided throughout the Mainline from Wayne to Paoli and is currently centrally located in Newtown Square, PA.  Our location and years of familiarity, with the Wayne area, gives us here at Stump Munchers an advantage with responsiveness and timeliness.  We can reach most of Wayne within 15 to 20 minutes, therefore minimizing premiums for travel and passing those savings along to our customers.  In addition to responsiveness, our longevity in the Wayne area has allowed us to build long lasting relationships with our customers and relationships that stand over time.  We can talk intelligently on the phone, so most often we do not need to make a trip to see the stump in order to do an estimate for the stump grinding service.  Our ability to give estimates over the phone is in part possible because we are so familiar with the Wayne area.  It is not uncommon for Daniel to be familiar with the actual house or the actual tree.

Daniel Murphy not only owns and operates Stump Munchers of the Mainline but also owns and operates our sister company Murphy’s Tree Service; which has been serving the western Mainline, Devon, Berwyn, Wayne, and Villanova since 1986.  Our familiarity with the topography and tree species that grow throughout this area allows us to tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients.  Here are some the neighborhoods we have been grinding stumps in over last 30 years:  Radnor Hill Road, Lafayette Road, Croton Road, Poplar Avenue, Brians Way, King of Prussia Road, Rossiter Lane, Muhlenberg Drive, Penn Road, Eaton Road, Chestnut Lane, Ringneck Road, Spring Hollow Road, Clover Hill Lane, West Valley Road, Upper Gulph Road, Morningside Circle, Penn Road, Glenhardie Road, Weadon Road, Pugh Road, and other surrounding neighborhoods.

We here at Stump Munchers are committed to meeting the needs of our customers with excellent customer service, quality workmanship, great clean ups, and competitive pricing. We use the best equipment money can buy, which allows us to do even the largest stumps or uplifted root balls quickly and easily.

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