About Stump Munchers

The leading tree stump removal company in the Tri-State Area

We’ll quote you a price right over the phone. Just provide the exact number of stumps, their measurements, and your contact information and one call will get you the job done right.We look forward to taking care of all your stump grinding needs.Our work is completely guaranteed!



Expert Stump Grinding

133_3357Our stump grinding and removal service is second to none in the tri-state area. Our methods have proven versatile and effective on nearly any stump or offending vegetation.

Compact & capable of traversing through openings as small as 36″(inches), our stump grinding machines perform stump grinding and removal in isolated or nearly inaccessible locations with ease.

We grind stumps out to the desired depth, and neatly back-fill the grindings back into the hole to keep your lawn and landscape neat and clean.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Immediate respone We answer the phone and often provide same or next day service
  • Better Equipment: our Rayco RG-100 is the best stump grinder available. It’s fast an efficient, especially on large stumps. We pass the savings on to you
  • Experience: Owner daniel Murphy has been grinding stumps and doing tree work since 1982. Daniel is a certified arborist, has been on the cover of Tree Care Industry magazine twice, with over 4,000 subscribers to his youtube channel. Daniel is a true tree expert, and is able to point out tree hazards and maintenance issues while he is on your property.
  • We Truly Care for Our Clients Needs: We make customer service a priority and back up our work with a guarantee. If we miss any part of a stump, we will promptly return and complete the job to your full satisfaction.

What We Provide.

  • Immediate Stump Grinding or Stump Removal Service
  • Neat & Clean Grinding or Removal Process
  • Absolutely No Lawn Damage
  • Self Propelled Equipment
  • Our Compact Machinery Fits Through Any 36″ Wide Opening
Neat and Clean

Stumpmunchers.com power broom clean up for fast and neat clean up.Stumpmunchers power broom cleans up sprayed wood chips in no time. Leaving a neat clean pile of wood chips where the stump used to beAt Stump Munchers it’s our goal to keep your property as clean as possible during any work performed. We treat your property as if it was our own. We use tarps and plywood cover your stonework, deck, house, windows, shrubs, shed etc. This keeps your property from getting covered with dirt and debris that gets created during stump grinding.

We can also, at an additional cost, remove all the chips and dirt from your stumps, leaving either a hole where the stump used to be, or grindings neatly graded to level with your lawn. We have specialty equipment to quickly and properly remove debris and wood chips from your lawn without damaging the grass or surrounding vegetation in the process. This leaves a nice neat pile of grindings where the stump used to be.


Our History

We have been grinding stumps since 1982. Skill and equipment distinguish a true first-rate professional from your average contractor. When it comes to stump grinding, no amount of skill can make up for a deficit in equipment, especially when it comes to large and challenging stumps. That’s why Stump Munchers uses the best equipment money can buy. Our latest purchase, the Rayco RG-100 costs over $67,000. While that may seem like a staggering figure for a piece of equipment that can go through a 36″ gate, we find that buying the best pays for itself over and over again with increased productivity. This allows us to remove monster stumps at very competitive rates. That’s our idea of a good time.

We worked on clean ups after several large hurricanes, including Hugo in 1989, Isabel in 2003, Charlie- Jeanne and Francis in 2004, and Super Storm Sandy in 2012-13. Hurricanes create a lot of large uprooted tree stumps that often require powerful equipment and skilled operators to complete efficiently. We use the skills we honed on these large and challenging stumps to quickly and efficiently grind stumps in everyday suburban settings.

Our high horse power yet extremely compact stump grinding equipment is perfect for removing any stumps, large or small in residential settings. Our business model of quoting a price right over the phone allows us to save time and money. We are happy to pass those savings back to our clients to create a win-win. All you need to do is give us accurate information about the size and number of stumps to be ground and we’ll quote you a price right over the phone. To find out how easy it can be to get your job completed call Daniel on his cell phone 800-978-8677.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers with excellent customer service, quality workmanship, great clean ups, and competitive pricing. We use the best equipment money can buy, which allows us to do even the largest stumps or uplifted root balls quickly and easily. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

We take great care in cleaning up after grinding. For us clean up is part of offering the best customer service possible. To accomplish this we use the plow blade on the front of our grinder to push the grindings neatly piled back on top of the hole. Then we use a backpack blower and a power broom, which is a specialty piece of equipment designed for moving stump grinding chips and other heavy material, to fine clean the lawn, walks and driveway. This leaves a nice neat pile of chips where the stump used to be, and protects the lawn from getting smothered in chips, which can be acidic and quickly burn.

We can also remove the grinding s completely from your property or have them moved to a wild area or spread in a mulch bed etc. This is done at an additional charge. Most clients opt to clean up their own chips, as it can be done by pretty much any able person with a rake, shovel and wheel barrel or trash can. While its not difficult to do it can be a lot of work so we like to offer the option to have grindings removed for those that need it.