130_3011Super storm Sandy devastated the east coast in November of 2012, killing 233 people and doing an estimated $75 billion in damages. Especially hard hit was New Jersey with over 2 million customers losing power. Those power outages were caused by falling trees. Unless you’ve seen it for yourself its hard to imagine the aftermath of a hurricane. It’s surreal, like driving through a real life sci-fi post-apocalyptic movie. Trees down everywhere, on houses, streets, wires, parking lots, fences, littering every yard, field and roadside.

Once the trees have been removed what remains are tens of thousands of tree stumps. And these aren’t regular in ground stumps, but instead are often huge root balls, uprooted masses of wood, root, dirt and stone, sticking up out of the ground, sometimes as high as 8-10′ tall.  The cavities left from the root systems of big trees are often holes so deep that you could park a car in them. These are some of the most challenging stumps for any stump grinding service. And Stump Munchers loves a challenge.

Once the streets were cleared and the power was back on we began grinding stumps in New Jersey in December of 2012. Taking a break over the winter months, we started again in spring of 2013 and soon developed a reputation for grinding stumps that no one else could handle. Our high horsepower equipment, the best stump grinders money can buy, combined with skilled operators and a huge volume of work is our recipe for success. Remarkable productivity allowed us to give our clients great prices and that kept us very busy. Often times we would get into a neighborhood and grind stumps all day, moving from house to house right up the street.

When asking neighbors if they wanted their stump ground out while we are on the street, we would often hear ” Oh.. that stump can’t be ground”. Other contractors had told them the only way to remove these big stumps was with a huge construction excavator. Those other contractors must not have known what a high horse power stump grinder and a good operator can do, because we were able to grind every one of those big stumps. This saved our clients lots of money, and more importantly kept them from having their yards torn up by heavy construction equipment. It was a pleasure to serve communities that had gone through so much loss and upheaval.

We couldn’t have done it without having the best available equipment. Having the best equipment and skilled operators is a recipe for success. High horse power equipment allows us to be so much more productive than lesser equipped companies that we can offer great prices while providing the highest quality work. So if you have a big stump grinding project, please allow us to serve you with the same great quality and prices we offered in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Call Daniel directly on his cell phone 800-978-8677. Thank you!